R_oNe, aka Ramon Mas, is a Dj, musician, and music lover that is atypical in Music. His philosophy of finding moods and grooves in all genres of music, allows him to take control of the crowd and allows the listener to explore these textures through rhythm.

His love for music and art was instilled at a very early age. As a child, R_oNe was always moving to the beat. Listening to his father's Classic Rock collection, and spending countless summers jamming at the beach with his mother. As he grew older, he began playing guitar in his school Orchestra and then fell in love with the art of Dj-ing.

After playing party after party, he honed his skills to become one of the youngest Dj's to play the Miami South Beach After Hours nightclub scene. Later, after moving to Orlando, FL, R_oNe took his talents to the local Downtown clubs.

Throughout the years, R_oNe has developed a very eclectic taste of music. By being influenced by all genres, he uses those influences in his body of work. Whether it is Breakbeats from early diverging Hip-hop, Tribal African drum grooves, Retro synths, or Latin percussion rhythms that surrounded him since birth. All that and more can easily be heard in an R_oNe mix or track.